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Monday, November 17, 2008

Prayer for healing

Hello brothers and sisters in christ.

please pray for me I have bad pain in the kidney,liver area and across my stomach.I went to the emergency.I was given an ultrasound ,Mri and blood level test.The Doctors say that it might be inflamed .I have a history of drug use and I have done so much damage to my body.yet I still didnt learn and I must confess took about 14 pills of tramadol knwowing that my liver is inflamed.There have been times where the reason I have self medicated myself on drugs not prescribed as well as illegal drugs is because I cant seem to get rid of my depression.Sometimes I think That Im hopeless and I think sincerely God is tired of me .There is no excuse for what I have done .I am no victim but an irresponsible sinner who does not have the strenght to put my life in order.Sometimes I wonder why do I even bother staying alive .Jesus said there is a sin that leads unto death.I think I have commited every possible sin including blasphemy against the holy ghost.I dont know what to do I feel like A sitting duck just waiting for God to eliminate me .I am not worthy to live .No matter how hard I try I always wind up in even worse predicaments .I dont think there is a greater hell than the one I have created myself .Im not looking for sympathy but for some ounce of mercy inspite of being almost worthless .I dont know what to do I am afraid and always torturing myself .please pray that somehow some way God will have mercy on me .Pray that I may not consume his goodness on my evil ways .please pray for mercy from God or I am going to die .All I want is peace but I guess im too stupid to value it.Now I stand with the possible prospect of hell.I ask for divine ntervention for I truly believe with God all things are possible and have witnessed miracles inspite of all this I keep sinning Im not sure why I sin perhaps subconsciously I dont see a way out.I deserve hell a million times .Im a mess and my strenght is fading ..i am guilty of all the offences towards God but somehow I still hope that he may extend his arm to this worthles sinner .Again I dont need sympathy but mercy..pray to the mother of God for sometimes I think even she doesnt want to deal with me .my sins stink into high heaven .but still I hope.pray pray pray preferably in groups .my email is unvecua009@aol.com I am confused and on the verge of destruction.If reincarnation were to be true I must have been Hitler in my previous life .please accept this confession .I am too stained with sin that Im unworthy to even dare to pray to God .I hope he listens to you..help me..please help me


Tom Usher said...

Perhaps you just duplicated words by someone else without it being clear enough.

Your post says, "Prayed by Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra,Jr."

Were you stating someone else's prayer request?

That must be it. Yes?

If so, please disregard my earlier comment other than as a suggestion that you add a little more info to make it very clear that you aren't praying for yourself, per se.

Thank you, and God bless.

I do hope the individual in question found relief.

Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra,Jr. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra,Jr. said...

I help them pray with the same intention. I interceded for them. I do not only pray for myself . I pray for myself and for those who asked to be prayed for. Remember, "pray for one another".

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone my name is Roseann. I am asking everyone to pray for my father Pietro. Last friday he went to get a colonoscopy, we dont know what happened but do know that he lost oxygen and his heart stopped, his heart and body are completely healthy, there are no signs of a heart attack or stroke, but there was loss of oxygen to his brain which caused damage, the doctor says there is only a small chance, almost impossible but i believe he hears me. I believe in god and if he wills it he will be healed. People have come out of these things before and there have been miracles. We all know miracles can happen and all god has to do is will it. I am asking everyone to pray for a miracle. Thank you all Roseann

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